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status: kind of in a hiatus? Until God knows when.
note: too tired (or too lazy, it depends) to blogwalk, much less to write shits. sorry (if there’s any to say sorry to).

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List of Weekly Recommended Fics

(i do recommend fics weekly… supposedly, although it’s on a non-permanent suspend now. if you missed a week or want to re-visit some you’ve read before, feel free to find them here)

hope you enjoy it here!



3 thoughts on “the landing site”

  1. Hai semua! ❤
    Well, just want to tell you about my Project, hehe 😀
    yang EXO-L bisa merapat ❤
    Di EXO ada 66 pairing bukan? Ya, aku membuat project dimana
    semua pairing nanti ada fanfictionya (berupa ficlet dengan panjang 500w keatas).
    Sampai sekarang masih jalan 42 fanfiction, semoga cepat selesai xD
    Pairing-pairing yang jarang dibuat fanfiction nanti ada semua 😀
    tertarik membaca? Atau mungkin ingin memberi ide?
    Bisa check library-nya di :
    Yang sudah diberi link, berarti sudah jadi ffnya (sejauh ini masih Suho x Kris yang aku posting) 🙂
    Thanks for your attention! ❤

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