[Ficlet] Between Spells, Book, and Cups

Title: Between Spells, Book and Cups
Genre: romance, fluff
Length: one-shot
Character: Siwon, Tiffany
Pairing: SiFany

Author’s Note:
so, a debut ff in wordpress? (?) thanks for reading!


“I want to break this spell
A spell that only casted to a person who liked someone
Untouchable, unbreakable”

She closed the book and put it beside her. Some freezing snow fell from her cape but she ignored it
“Stephanie Hwang,” said someone
“Ne, Choi Siwon,” she called back. “You’re late,”

“Sorry…” he sighed then sat beside her, wrapped his scarf tighter “Aren’t you cold?”
“No,” but it’s visible that she was shivering. He shook his head and opened his scarf, wrapped it on his back
“Stupid girl,” he muttered. “You don’t have to act like you’re a strong girl in front of me!”
“Aish…” she rolled her eyes. She hates the way he treat her like his girlfriend, although she wants it to be true. She wants to be not just as his bestfriend, if she could, more than it

They fell into some minutes of deep silence before she cracked it up
“Do you bring any drinks?” asked her. He shook his head
“Then I’ll buy it. Want some?” she got up and brushed some snow from her lap
“No, let me buy it for you,”
“No! You have to wait here like a good boy and I’ll go. So what do you want?”
“Hot chocolate,” said him. And with that, she left him and her book there

Siwon saw the book and took it. He flicked the pages one by one –originally didn’t read what was written there– and stopped in a page, the one she just wrote in. He read it, smiled a bit and then wrote something in the page

Some minutes later, Tiffany came back with two paper cups on her hand
“Here,” she said, handing him a cup of chocolate and sat down
“Mm, thanks,” he sipped some of it. “Then what do you have?”
“Me? Vanilla latte… Ya! Siwonnie!” she yelled as he snatched her cup away from her hand
“Too much coffee is bad for you,” he gave her his chocolate. She pouted with a hint of blush appeared on her cheeks, then drank it off

“Let’s go home,” she tugged on Siwon’s shirt
“Now? Allright,” he got up and handed the book to her
“Mwo? Did… Did you read it?” asked her, flustered
“No. I just kept it, knowing how forgetful you are,”
“Thanks, erm… Wanna come in?” asked Tiffany. They’ve arrived in front of her house
“Maybe another time,” he scratched the back of his head. “Bye,”

She snucked into the house and went to her room. Still with the book in her hand, she laid down and opened it
“Wait, where’s my pen?”
She flipped the pages ovet then stopped at one page, the page where was (but she didn’t know) Siwon wrote in. Her eyes grew wide as she read a line that written right under hers

“I want to break this spell
A spell that only casted to a person who liked someone
Untouchable, unbreakable

More than friends, could we be like that?
Can we start over from the beginning?
Nae sarang…”

And she knew who wrote it. She could recognize the handwriting very well. Her breath got faster and she felt that her face was heaten up

“Tch, liar!” she took her phone and started to type on it…
But unfortunately, a call came
And moreover, it’s from him

“Where are you?”
“Of course in my room, babo!”
“Oh, I see,” he stopped. “Well…”
“What’s with the well? You liar,”
“When did I lie?”
“When you said that you didn’t read my book”
He laughed. “Well, I’m not just read your book, but also wrote in it,”
“Aish, that’s the same,” she pouted
“Allright, allright. Sorry, nae sarang~” he sang
“I won’t forgive you,”
“Nae~ sa~rang~”
“Yaa, Siwonnie! Shut up!”
“But do you have to call me ‘nae sarang’? It’s too long,”
“Then what do you want it to be? ‘hubby’?”

Fin 🙂

EPIC FAIL! *faints*

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