[Ficlet] Messages

Title: Messages
Genre: Friendship
Rating: G
Length: Ficlet
Character: Taemin, Sulli

A/N not a romance~

It was a usual, boring history class where Taemin and Sulli studied in. The teacher was there, writing something on the blackboard, leaving the students that were busy with their own business.

Sulli –who paid no interest on the class– clearly showing her boredom. She was scribbling endlessly on her notebook while her mind travelled around her own world
And then, the Day-Dreaming session was broken by a piece of paper that flied down to her table. She mindlessly opened it and read what was written there
“Bored, eh?”
She clearly knew who wrote it, and quickly ripped another paper from her book
“Exactly what you see”
She glanced at the teacher, and when she felt it’s safe, she threw the paper to a person beside her who was grinning sheepishly at her
And in another minute, a piece of paper had landed again on her table
“Then so do I”

Minutes later, the messages continued and now their activity was like a paper tossing competition, according to the piles of papers on their tables
“So what are you doing?”
“Just my usual when-I’m-bored activity”
“Scribbling around? Now I know why you have lots of notebook for just one lesson”
“Tch. Anyway, is that true that you’ll move to another high school?”
“Erm, yes. Why? You don’t want me to move? Kkkkk~ you’re the biggest fan of mine, right?”
“Aish, you and your big-headed-personality. Move away!” “Admit it, you’ll gonna miss me if I move, right?”
“In your dream, Mr. Mushroom Head”
“No. Because I won’t”
“But your face says so”
“Since when do you become a face reader?”
“Since I was born. Kkkk~”
“Woohoo, annoyed much?”
“Nope. I’m already used to it”
“But your face says so”
“You have said that before, idiot”
“Then I’ll say it again. BUT YOUR FACE SAYS SO~”
“Gosh. Why do I have to sit beside this kind of human?”
“But deep inside your heart you feel really thankful, no?”
“No. Not in a million years”
“Then make it as a gazillion years”
“Then let’s see~”

She glared at the him who was giggling silently beside her. His light-brown mushroom hair waved along with his laughter
“At last you admit that you’re annoyed~”
“Yes. Happy now? Aish, this boy”
“Aish, this girl”
“Ya! Stop copying me!”
“Who copied you? I just said what was inside my mind *mehrong*”
“Thanks~ ^^”
“What was that? Ahahaha kkkkk~”
“Btw what’s your next class?”
“Me? Math. You?”
“Ah~ You’re happy aren’t you?”
“No I’m not!”
“Ahahaha I know~ look, the teacher had finished writing. Now focus on the lesson arasseo? Don’t scribbling around. Kkkk, annyeong~ <3"
And now, after reading the last message, she knew that she's gonna missing him when he'd moved out

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