[Drabble] Yes, It’s You

Title: Yes. It’s You
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Length: Ficlet (?)
Character: Minho, Krystal

“So how’s the progress?” asked her
“I stopped” said him nonchalantly
“Mwo? Why?”

“Yeah, I just…stopped. That’s all”
“But why?”
“You see… Well, maybe I like an older girl like her, but recently I think that, if we’re together, I feel it’s not quite right”
“Aww, poor Minho” she patted his head
“Minho-oppa” he corrected
“No. I won’t say that word” said her, hands playing with grass around them
“But I’m older than you~” he pouted.
She rolled her eyes “Well, but I feel that the reason you stopped is not only that,” she nudged him with her elbow. “So tell me, what’s the other reason?”

“Aish, you little mind-reader” he growled. “Yes. I’ve liked another girl”
She laughed. “Wow, is that real? I think your mind have been absorbed completely to Yuri eonni,”
“Yaaa, shut up!” he pinched her waist
“Okay, okay. Anyway, who’s that unlucky girl?”
“Unlucky?” he raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean, huh?”
“Who’s that girl?” she completely ignored him. “Do I know her?”
And to see he nodded, she started to talk again
“Whoa, then let me guess! Mm… According to you and your ideal woman’s type, she’s a noona, right? Vico eonni? BoA sunbae? Or Taeyeon eonni? Or…”
“Jung Krystal, shut up”
“Oh! Is it… Jessica eonni? Don’t worry, I’ll help you out if…”
“No. Stop it”

“Then who’s her?”
“Allright. Three clues” he raised three fingers. She turned and placed her hands under her chin, ready to listening

“First. She’s younger than me”
“Mwo? At last!” she clapped
“What’s with your ‘at last’?”
“At last you’ve changed your ideal type~” He rolled his eyes and continued.
“Second. She’s… She’s, erm, a high school student”
“Jinri eonni?”
“Sssh… Third. Listen carefully because this is the most important clue. She’s not an ‘eonni’ to you,”
Her mouth opened and she started to babbling. “Not my eonni? Then must be younger than me… But who’s her? A trainee? I never know a trainee before, even when I’m still in my trainee days” she glanced at him who was listening to what did she say
“Is she… From another company?” asked her
“Mm…” he acted like he’s thinking. “No”
“But nobody in our company is younger than me!”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, maybe some of the trainees are, but I know nobody there!” she puffed her cheeks. “You said that I know her, right?”
He laughed and ruffled her hair. “Then think about it again~”

5 minutes have passed but Krystal still haven’t got the answer “Not an eonni… Is HE Taemin?”
“MWO? I’m straight! Aish, you’ve read too much 2min fanfiction!”

“Then who’s that girl? Tell me~”
“Aigoo~ it’s really easy” he turned and faced her “Okay. So let me ask you, what’s the first clue?”
“Mm… She’s younger than you?”
“Now mention those who’s younger than me”
“Amber eonni, Luna eonni, Sulli eonni, and… Me?”
“Good. Then, what’s the second one?”
“A high-schooler. Then it’s Luna eonni, Sulli eonni, and me”
“Perfect. The last?”
“She’s not an eonni to me…”
“Found it yet?” asked him. She shook her head.

He sighed “Last question. What was the first thing I told you?”
“I know her”
“So, I’ll tell you this,” he scratched the back of his head. “Listen. If I said she’s not your eonni, then it doesn’t mean that she has to be younger than you, right? And then, do you know about yourself?”
“Me? Myself? Of course I…” she stopped, her mouth formed a perfect O
“Me?” she pointed to herself
“Yes. It’s you”


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