[Drabble] un-requited

title: un-requited
genre: romance, half-angst, friendship
rating: G
length: ficlet? or drabble?
pairing: minho/yuri

“gomawo nuna, now i’m gonna talk to her,” he bowed to her
“no big deal, minho-ya!” she smiled, but silently cursing in her mind

if i’m the one whose he’ll talk to…
she stared at him who was busy with his clothes. she glanced at a beautiful bouquet of flowers in his hand, blinked a few times, tried to not cry

if only those things were mine… she whispered silently, but then shook those thoughts away

“nuna, gwaenchanayo?” his voice broke the silence between them. he stared at her with a concerned face
“ne, nan gwaenchana,” she took a glance at her wristwatch “you have to go right now!” she pushed him

or else i’m gonna cry right in front of you

“okaaaaaay, but please check my appearance first!” he pouted. “i don’t wanna embarass myself in front of her!”
“it’s great,” she replied shortly. “anyway, minho-ya,”
“erm… saranghae,”
“nado, nuna!” he hugged her, not noticing a hint of blush on her face. “you’re the greatest friend i’ve ever had!”

she sighed then pushed him lightly, glanced at his face with a faint smile planted on her lips
“now you have to go, minho. or else you’re gonna be late,” she smiled. “good luck!”
“arasseo. annyeong, nuna! once again, gomawo!” he waved and left her there alone

she chuckled, tried to hold back her tears and to calm herself down

at least i still have him, at least i still could be by his side, even if it’s just as a friend


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