[Double-Drabble] Name, name and name

Title: Name, Name and Name
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairing: Jino/Sulli

Sulli’s birthday fic! and first 2Jin for meh :3 just found that they’re cute so I made this 😀

“Yes, Jinri-ssi?”
“Can I call you oppa?”

“Mwo?” he said, trying to hide his embarassment. “But Jinri-ssi is my sunbae!”
“But you’re older than me!” she begged
“Okay, Jinri-ssi,” he sighed. She laughed
“Oppa!” said her. “Just Sulli. I don’t really like to be called Jinri.”
“Ani, ani!” she shook her head. “No ‘-ssi’! It’s weird!”
He growned. “How could this calling term thing made me confused?”
“It’s just because you haven’t used to it, oppa”

Sometimes he feels that their relationship is weird. They just meet some weeks ago, but now they’re like they have known each other for years. Maybe it’s because both of them are maknae (yes I know f(x)’s maknae is Krystal, but it feels like Sulli is the maknae. Tee-hee), and somehow, since their first meeting, the chemistry between them is incredibly good until now, when they’re really close

But he really enjoys times like this — when they have their own world somewhere behind the management’s building, chatting, laughing like crazy, or just laying on the grass lazily and staring at the clear sky above them.
He enjoys those moments, and he also enjoys being near her. He feels something different when he’s by her side, a tickling sensation which he never had with the other girls he met before.
He knew and actually realized about it –the sensation– and at one moment he started to feel awkward. But her eye-smile (which actually could melt everyone) comforted him and made him back to his old self again. As the result, he ignored the annoying feeling

But ignoring doesn’t mean you killed the poor thing, right?
Sometimes, it came by and made him got more addicted to her. It made him wanted her to be fully his… But he quickly erased the thought
It’s not just because the management prohibits the newly-debuted artists to date, but also because he still thought that their relation is just as a hoobae and sunbae, and he didn’t want to make their relationship getting awkward

But now, after what she asked before –the ‘oppa’ thing– he felt that their relationship is getting closer
“Is this the right time?” said him mindlessly
“For what?”asked her with eyebrows tainted
“Nothing,” he answered quickly, tried to hide a hint of blush on his cheeks

“Anyway, why did you want to call me oppa?”
“It’s more comfortable,” said her. “And Jino-oppa sounds better than Jino-ssi!”
He smiled and ruffled her hair. “Another thing, Jinri-ya…”
“Sulli!” “I’ll call you Jinri, it sounds a bit similar to my name,”
“Then so what?”
“Nothing, kkkkk~”
“Oppaaaa, I really don’t like it!” she pouted. “I’ve changed the way I call your name, so you have to change mine too!”
“But I’ve changed the ‘-ssi’ to ‘-ya’!” he rolled his eyes. “And Jinri is better than Sulli!”
“I hate it oppa, jeongmal!”
“But I like it…”

She puffed her cheeks and turned her head away
“Jinri-ya?” She didn’t answer
“Are you angry?”
“A-a, you’re angry,”
“I’m not!” she frowned. He chuckled and shut his mouth up

But he couldn’t stand the situation anymore
“I have an important thing to tell, Jinri-ya,” said him, waiting for her reaction. She seemed to listened but acted like she had no interest in it
“But since you’re like this, I’ll tell someone else,” and it made her turned her head and glared at him
“You won for today. So what’s it?” said her, still with her eyes glaring at the person in front of her

“You what?”
“Nan… Aish. Forget it”
“Jinppa, jebal!”
“Really…” she growned, and back to her ‘i’m-mad’ mode again

But he acted fast and took her hand, intertwined their fingers then whispered,
“Nan dangshineul johahaeyo, Choi Jinri!”


“Another thing, Cho Jino?”
“Neo gateun saram tto eobseo?”
And they spent that afternoon with the same, usual activity but with different relationship between them


4 thoughts on “[Double-Drabble] Name, name and name”

  1. weheeeeeeee <3333
    this is why i love 2jin! 8D Jino-nya kiyut2 (?) trus malu-malu giduuuw :33
    short but cute, kok. aku suka ❤ 2jin lagi ❤

    yay! kamu udah mau uan kan? sukses yah, trus bikin 2jin lagi (?)
    p.s.: Jino itu Cho, bukan Choi perasaan .______.v

    1. Huaaaaa Jino tuh Cho ya *plak* tapi… Plotnya… Huaaaaaa T.T
      maybe i’ll do some changes in the future haha
      and anyway thanks for your comment xD

  2. ^ jino isn’t choi ;p he is cho
    btw. i had a hard time to understands the korean language. i’m not as good as you ;p could you please translate it? ^^

    1. Hahaduh salah == anyway what do you mean by ‘so i could comment nicer’?
      And which sentence? Nan dangshineul johahaeyo?

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