[Ficlet] Messages in the Jar (not bottle)

Title: Messages in the Jar
Genre: Romance, Fluff, a bit angst
Rating: G
Pairing: Changmin/Sooyoung

ChangSoo alert! I like this pairing beside KyuYoung. Sorry for some gramatical error and misstypes here and there. Un-beta-ed ㅋㅋㅋ


“Don’t leave me”
“I need you”

She took the papers from a small jar in front of her. Now those small, colorful things are spreaded around her and on the floor

“If you go, I’ll kill you”
“I’ll miss you everyday”
“Babo yeoja!”
“Please don’t go”
“Ah, don’t forget to buy me my favorite snack too!”
“Then I’ll be the only one shikshin left here ㅠㅠ so sad”

And the last paper, the biggest with the longest message,

“Take care there, don’t eat too much ㅋㅋㅋ arasseo? I’ll see you as soon as possible, when you’ve come back to Seoul. Don’t flirt with the guys there or I’ll kill you! ㅋㅋㅋ Saranghae <3"

She collected the papers and put it in the jar again. Her lips formed a faint smile

Surely this Japan promotion activity is hard for her. Not just it made her –and her 8 sisters– tired and exhausted, but it also made her left Seoul, and him.

It’s only for some months, she thought at first. And she also thought that she’ll pass those months quickly, as Japan is her second homeland after Korea.
But in fact, it’s totally different from what she expected before.
And that’s because of him, who gave her the jar that full of small papers right before she boarded to the plane that took her to Japan.

“If you miss me, just open this jar and read what I wrote there”

At that time, she laughed really hard. She never expected a guy like him being that cheesy –it’s not him, she said while laughing. And she actually hates stuffs like that
But now, with those teary eyes of hers, she completely forgot about that moment. Her mind is completely full of him

She mindlessly took her phone from her bag. She never make an International Call before, but her mind asked her to. She need him –at least his voice, now, right at the moment
She dialled that number, the one she’d always remember in the last 6 months

She almost cried right at that second, but she tried not to
“Ch, Changmin?”
“Ne, nugu– SOOYOUNGIE?”
“Babo, you don’t even remember my voice?” she chuckled
“No, it’s not like, erm, aish! Anyway, why’d you call.me?”
Instead of answering, her soft sobs filled the silence
“Sooyoungie? What’s wrong? What happened? Did your eonni…”
“Aniyoooo,” she said between her sobs. “I just, I just…” but she couldn’t say anything. Her cries got harder
“Don’t cry! Ya, don’t cry! Yunho hyung, eotteokhae?” his voice was full of panic
“Changminnie, stop it,” said her. “I’m okay,”
“But why did you cry?”
“I miss you, babo!”
“Wha… Mwo? You? Miss me?” he started to laugh. “It’s so-not-you!”
“Don’t laugh!” but she laughed too, still with her small sobs. “It’s not funny at all!”
“Okay, okay. Sorry” he laughed a little. “Anyway, I miss you too. When will you come back to Korea?”
“I don’t really know. How many months have it been?”
“…it hasn’t been a month after your departure, you know?”

She sighed. She still have so much time to pass by… Without him. That thought really made her felt uneasy.
“But don’t worry, maybe in some near times I’ll come and visit you,” said him, made her eyes shone automatically
“But aren’t you busy?”
“No, I’m not. I’ll go this weekend,” he said softly. “Leeteuk hyung, Sungmin hyung, Eunhyuk hyung, and Kyuhyun hyung asked me to go together. They also have their own business,” he laughed. She laughed along with him
“I’ll wait,” she said. “Promise?”
“Okay!” said him. “Have you bought the snack I asked before?”
“Which snack?”
“Don’t say you haven’t opened the jar!” he growned
“I haven’t” she smiled
“Ya! You’re lying!”
“I haven’t for the 10th time!” she said back. “I’ve bought it. Happy?”
“Good. Yes I am~ aish. Yunho hyung asked me to stop. We have to practice now. Annyeong~ Remember what I wrote in the last message there, arasseo?”
“Ne, ne, ne. Annyeong~”
She got up and put her phone down. Her energy seemed like it’s recharged, and she’s ready for another busy weeks.

She walked to the kitchen and searched for the snack that Changmin asked before
“Ya! Where’s the *** snack here?” she yelled
“You ate it by yourself, babo!” said Hyoyeon who was busy making their lunch.
“Aish…” she muttered. “Hyoyeonnie, I have to go out for a while!”
“Ya! Ya! Where do you want to go?!” Hyoyeon yelled. “And it’s Hyoyeon eonni for you!”

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