[Ficlet] It’s Different From the Usual

Genre: Romance, a bit angst
Rate: G
Character: Nichkhun, Victoria
Pairing: KhunToria

nichkhun woke up and tried to sit. he scratched his head and suddenly remembered something

what happened yesterday with victoria flashed again in his head

“you see. i’m just late for half an hour!”
“just half an hour, but in a weather like this?” she scoffed. “what are you thinking? letting a girl freezing under the snow!”

he groaned and tried to get his phone from the bedside table

still nothing. no message, no calls came from her


“girls are always making little things seemed bigger,” he frowned
“do you call this as a little thing?”
“yes! to me it is!”
“but not for me! if you’re late you could at least text or call me straight away!”

he took a glance at victoria. her skin and lips were pale, had no color in it. 30 minutes (or maybe more) of waiting surely made her suffer

he’s going to say sorry at that time, but something inside him said no
and instead of do that, he splitted out his argument again

“why didn’t you just go into one of those cafes?” he still tried to defend himself
“because you told me to wait here! you’re the one who TOLD ME TO!” she yelled. “and even you don’t say sorry!”
“what am i sorry for? you’re the one who’s silly for waiting under the snow like this,” he muttered under his breath, but still loud enough for her to hear

“aish! all boys are the same, they can’t apologize at all!” she walked angrily past him, back home

he felt guilty but again something inside him refused to apologize

it’s always been him who say sorry, why isn’t it her?

it’s just another usual little fight of a couple, right? in just some days the situation will be back to normal again…

…and nothing will change, he thought to himself as he stood up from his bed, get ready for his schedules today


they know both of them are stubborn. and what will happen if two stubborn people got into a relationship is fights

they’ve gone through small argumentations and misunderstandings, and in some days nichkhun will apologize to victoria

but looks like it’s not the same with the situation that happened now

their argumentation was more than a week ago and they still have no contact at all

nichkhun got tired of waiting for her to call and say sorry. but yet his pride hasn’t let him to be the one who apologize first

“i’ll wait for some days more,” he thought to himself

but yes, not receiving anything from victoria made him suffer

he missed her ‘how are you?’ ‘what are you doing?’ ‘how’s your day?’ texts. he missed the way she takes care of him. he missed her voice, her face, her expression when they do the WGM recording… he missed everything from her

and now, the pride’s lose to his heart’s saying

he’ll go to f(x)’s dorm, apologizing to victoria. forget those pride stuffs

even if she wouldn’t forgive him, at least he could see her again

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