Multi-Pairing Drabbles

Title: multi-pairing drabbles
Rating: G
Genre: most of the drabbles are angst, so beware!
Pairing: kyuhyun/sooyoung; eunhyuk/hyoyeon; leeteuk/taeyeon; sungmin/sunny; heechul/jessica; ryeowook/seohyun; donghae/yoona; siwon/yuri; yesung/tiffany

they have their own world for theirselves. they have their own ways to express their feelings. they take care of theirselves–and also for the other one, better than anyone else

again, hyoyeon feels that the way eunhyuk treat her was making her heart feel bitter and bitter. it’s like a coffee — first you taste its sweetness and lastly it’s getting bitter on your tongue. she wants a hot-chocolate like feelings — bitter first but sweet at the end

they can lead their groups, they could lead their members, they can do anything perfectly in their groups. but why does it always goes wrong when it’s about their relationship?

he’s already sick of their relationship. maybe in other person’s eyes they seemed perfect. a cute girl with a cute boy, what could bother them?
but sungmin was bored with it. he hates the way she treat her, they never got into fight or something a normal couple had. it’s just flat, all flat and boring

somehow turning back a lover to a friend is hurting you little by little. jessica couldn’t find a way to make her feel better everytime she saw him. she couldn’t take her feelings away anymore

he can’t stand it anymore. he couldn’t stop thinking about her this whole day. he always ended listening to her groups’ song just to hear her voice, and it made him grew crazier in each seconds. and now, as he had made up his mind, he’ll say it to her today

he knows that she doesn’t love him anymore, and so does he. he knows that they don’t have anything to be pretended from their relationship. but somehow, it’s hard for them to end it

and now after their break up, siwon’s getting much more depressed. usually he’ll share his feelings and emotions with yuri, then she’ll cheer him up and make him smile again. but now, when nothing involves between them, he has nobody who support him from behind

she shook her head, trying to erase that person’s face from her mind. she kept saying to herself that she has no feeling for him, but then failed at the end. she doesn’t believe what her group members said: that she had a lovesick. she’ve fallen for him but she’s too afraid to admit it

16 thoughts on “Multi-Pairing Drabbles”

  1. aaaa angst -___-
    tapi onnie suka angst nya donghae-yoona, nggak tau kenapa .___.
    jadi yg ‘mending’ atau yg bahagia disini cuma kyuyoung? aduuuh 😀
    onnie iseng” nyari ttg tiffany, malah ketemu ini saeng XD

    1. ini…ini…ini jaman kapan ya saeng bikinnya .____________.
      kenapa ya? saeng sukanya angst taeteuk atau hyohyuk deh kayaknya ._.
      heeh, wakakakaka XD sebenernya niat awal saeng gak cuma itu yang happy ending gitu, siwon/yuri sama dongyoona juga maunya seneng, tapi….. jadinya begonoh *digebuk
      hahahaha, jodoh eonn (?)

        1. oh iyaaaa, hari ini yaaaa *tebar konfetti* *eh
          tapi kalau taeteuk… masih ada kesempatan untuk memperbaiki (?)
          heesica juga rada gimana gitu ._.

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