Just Me and You [Part 2]

Amber’s POV

“And where will you two going to?” asked Victoria in front of her cupboard.
“I… don’t… know?”

She stared at me with her I-don’t-believe-it face.
“You gotta be kidding!”


“Vic, are you serious with this?”
“Yeah, why? It suits you,”
“NO WAY. It’s too cheeky,” I pointed at a yellow sackdress that lied on Victoria’s bed. “I’d rather wear t-shirt and jacket with jeans and boots,”
She rolled her eyes. “Your fashion sense is still the same,”
“You sure?”

I didn’t hear her and just continued to messing her wardrobe.
“Okay, if I let you pick the clothes, you’ll ended picking something that is…”
“I KNOW! So help me!”
She sighed and walked to her wardrobe, stared at some clothes before pulling one of them.

“Wear this blouse with jeans and sneakers or boots. DON’T wear jacket, wear a long coat instead of it. Understand?”
“Yes, umma,”

Henry’s POV

Okay. Where should we go?
I asked my hyungs who know about my feeling and their suggestions are so… not right.

Kyuhyun: Go to a game center! (That’s… you)
Ryeowook: Just take her to a fancy restaurant (And the money?)
Kibum: Watch my movie! (NO WAY)
Siwon: Pray in the church (Well, I guess, no)
Donghae: Take her everywhere you want (Hyung, that’s not a suggestion)
Eunhyuk: Give her a box of banana pocky! (Hyung…)
Shindong: Anywhere you want to go, you have to be home with foods for me (HELLA NO)
Kangin: No way I could ask him. He’s in army!
Zhou Mi: Take her to a sport center (That’s so Siwon and you)
Sungmin: Have a candlelight dinner in a pink-decorated room (For your information, she hates pink)
Yesung: To a pet shop and buy me a new turtle! (You and your turtle addict)
Hangeng: I’ll make some foods with Ryeowook then you could go for a picnic! (Thanks gege, but in a cold night like this? Wanna kill me?)
Heechul: … Just go… Twitter! Retweet! Mentions! Look, I’m in the trending topics’ list! Number one! OH HELLA YEAAAAAAHHHHH (Shut up, netizen)

Then the last one, from Leeteuk

Leeteuk: When you saw a restaurant, just go to that place. The first to see is the best (Stop your crazy thoughts)

And somehow, I ended taking Leeteuk-hyung’s advice.
Now let’s pick the clothes…
I think just dress casually is the best, so I took a shirt and jeans (imagine Henry wear Siwon’s clothes in No Other MV. That’s it)
After that, I left my dorm and walked to f(x)’s dorm.

Author’s POV

Henry knocked f(x)’s dorm’s door and waited in front of it.
“Yes? Who’s that?” someone asked.
“It’s me, Henry Lau,” said him.
“Henry? Wait a minute!” and the door slowly opened. It was Luna.

“Annyeong,” he greeted her.
“Annyeong. Taking Amber right? She’s still in her room with Victoria and Sulli. Come in,”

He walked into the room. Luna asked him to sit before call Amber.

“Amber! Mochi have come!”
What? Mochi? He thought. Is that my nickname? But who gave it?
After waiting for 5 minutes, Sulli and Victoria came out from Amber’s room, pulling Amber with them.

“Come on, Amber — oh you’ve come?” said Sulli, looking at Henry.
“If I haven’t come, then you won’t see me right now,” he chuckled and took a glance at Amber.
“Wow, good joke,” said Victoria in sarcasm.
“Thanks, noona,” Henry stuck his tongue out to Victoria, and received a death glare from her.
“Umm… should we go now?” asked Amber, embarassed.
“Okay,” Henry stood up and walked to the door and opened it, letting Amber get out first


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