[Drabble] Let’s Go to the Park, Hyung!

Title: Let’s Go To the Park, Hyung!
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy, Friendship
Character: 2min, Key

“Hyung, hyung! Let’s go to the park!” said Taemin, knocking Minho’s door.
“I’m busy!”
“Then let’s go for a walk around our dorm!”
“No, Taeminnie! I’m really busy!”

Taemin pouted and went to the livingroom, throwed himself on the couch. No one was there except Key. Jonghyun went to the gym and Onew… no one knew where he was. At KFC, maybe?

“What happened to you, Minnie?” asked Key, seeing his little child dongsaeng frowning. Taemin shook his head.
“Nothing, hyung,”
“But there’s a thing,” Key kept pushing Taemin to tell him what happened to the little maknae.

“Ugh… okay,” then Taemin told Key all his stories, about Minho, his business, and his rejection. After heard Taemin’s story, Key got up and walked to Minho’s room.
“No, hyung! Stop!”
“No way Taemin! I’m the umma and I have to solve problems in my family!” *who’s the appa? Onew or Jjong? xDD*

Key barged into Minho’s room and saw him, sitting in front of his computer desk, staring at the monitor.

“Minho, why don’t you go with Taemin?”
“Sssh, hyung, I’m almost lose! Go away!” Minho nearly yelled in frustation at Key. He was playing Counter Strike on his computer.

“No way! Choi Minho, go for a walk with Taemin or I won’t let you touch your laptop for a week!”
“Okaaaaaayyy, umma,” Minho closed his laptop and got up from the chair. When Key opened the door, Taemin rushed into the room and sat on the chair. He turned on Minho’s laptop.

“Hey Minnie, I thought you wanted to go to the park with Minho?” asked Key, confused.
“Noooo, I just wanted to borrow his laptop but he didn’t let me! Thanks for helping me, hyung!”


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