Just Me and You [Part 1]

Title: Just Me and You
Rating: General (dianggep PG juga boleh)
Character: Henry Lau (SJ-M), Amber Liu (f(x))
Genre: romance

Amber’s POV

Who am I to him?
Why do I always wondering like this?
What will he do if I say those things to him?
And other questions keep moving in my head. I sighed and leaned my head on the wall behind me.

“Amber? What are you doing here?” asked someone. Henry. A violin case was in his hand.
“Nothing. Just taking a break from f(x)’s practice,” I replied him, didn’t dare to smile a bit. Maybe he thinks that I’m a really-cold-girl. But deep inside my heart, I want to give him my best smile.

“Mind if I join you? I’m sick of these stuffs,” said him, pointed to a music book on his other hand. I nodded my head and he sat next to me.

“Why don’t you go and hanging-out with your Super Junior hyungs?”
“Well, they’re really busy right now. What will I do with them then? Watching their practice? NO WAY,” he laughed. “They’ll use me as their servant. ‘Henry, you’re the maknae, get us some drinks!’ or ‘Henry, gave me my towel!’ and other Henry what, Henry do this, Henry do that,”

I laughed really hard. Don’t know that he has such a relationship with his hyungs.

“But actually, they’re nice,” said him again, sighed. “We have a really warm brother-to-brother relationship. Guess what? When Hangeng-gege went out from Super Junior, all of us cried,” he chuckled a bit. “And when Kangin and Kibum hyungs go for army and acting, we always supporting them,”
“Wow, that must be a hard time for you all,” I said, patted his back.

“You’re like a big brother patting his little brother’s back to make him happy,” said Henry before laughed. I punched his arm lightly.
We chatted for a while until he glanced at his watch and realized what time it was.
“Have to go now, Amber. Thanks for accompanying me,” said him with a huge grin. OH MY MOCHI!
“Yeah, you’re welcome. I have to go back, too,” I got up from the chair and started to walk to f(x)’s room.

“Wait. May I have your phone number? For other stories,” I froze for a second before turned to him. I gave him my phone number and he gave me his.
“Well, see you,” I said, now with a smile.

Henry’s POV

“Well, see you,” and she smiled. SHE SMILED!!! God, what a sweet smile
“See you too,” I waved goodbye to her and waited until she disappeared from my sight before I walked to my own practice room.

What should I do with her phone number? Text her? If yes, when should I text her? And what will I text to her? OH I’M THINKING WAY TOO MUCH
I know. I’ve been this weird since the first time I saw Amber Liu. Kyuhyun always tease me and says that it’s a love at first sight. At the first time I refused it but now I rather believe it.
But I don’t know what does she feels to me, looking from her cold-behaviour that sometimes changes. It’s weird, and I’m not that brave to ask her.

Maybe this is the time?

I took my phone and texted her.

To: f(x) Amber Liu

Wanna meet tonight? Let’s share stories again~ 🙂

Don’t want to see her reply, I put my phone in my violin case and started practicing again.

Author’s POV

After practicing for an hour, Victoria called it a day and the members are allowed to go. Amber took her bag without noticing the message from Henry.
When she arrived home, her phone dropped off. She took it and saw a new message sign appeared on the screen.

From Henry?

She immediately open it and read the text. It’s short, but she read it about 5 times. And now she’s wondering, should she reply his invitation or not.

And then, she decided to go and text Henry back.

To: SJ’s Henry

Sorry for the late reply. I just saw it a minute ago. Where are we going?

In a minute, she received a reply

From: SJ’s Henry

Let’s just decide it later. I’ll pick you at 7

She took a glance at her wristwatch. It’s already 6 and she haven’t prepared anything.
“Victoria! I need your help!” she creamed as she ran into Victoria’s room.

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