Just Me and You [Part 3]

Author’s POV

“So where are we going?” asked Amber, glanced at Henry who was walking in front of her.
“Urm, err…” Henry stared everywhere. Then he found a small cafe.
“What about that cafe?” he pointed at the cafe.

They walked to the cafe. When they’re going to cross the road, Henry held Amber’s hand and made her shivered.

Calm, Amber Liu. CALM! He just held your hand! She told herself.
They entered the cafe, still holding hands (or you could say ‘Henry held Amber’s hand’ xD) One of the staff welcomed them.

“Annyeong, welcome to our cafe! Which type of seat do you need? I suggest to you to take our ‘Couple’s Seat’ with Couple menus!” he chuckled.
“What do you mean by–” then Henry realized about his hand. He quickly released Amber’s hand.
“Just, just, err, usual seat? Common seat? Whatever you call it,” said Henry between his nervousness.
“Okay, let me take you to your seat,”
After sent them to their seat, the waiter left them.

Henry’s POV

What did I doooooo? Held her hand right? I HELD HER HAND RIGHT?
And now how should I face her?
“H… Henry-ah?” she called me out. “Were you zoning out?”
“I asked you, were you zoning out?”

WOW. Awkward right?

Then I decided to make a move — I mean, apologize to her.
“I’m sorry, for what I’ve done later…”
“Which one?” she asked me, clueless.
“This,” I pointed at my hand. Red blush suddenly appeared on her face.
WAIT. Is she blushing?
Have to tell Wookie-hyung, he’s my advisor (okaaay, maybe a bit not right -_-)
“That’s okay, yeah, that’s okay,” said her, a bit nervous. AHA. That’s another clue.
But, but, but! If she’s just feeling embarrassed, not because she *gulp* liked me, then what should I do next?

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