[Drabble] Silently Alone

Drabble! Angst! Omo how I miss these kind of things :* *abaikan*
First DaraGon attempt. This noona-dongsaeng pairing is really… *speechless
Allright, just read and enjoy, folks!


Title: Silently Alone
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Character: Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon (BIG BANG), Sandara Park (2NE1)

She loves the fact that the two of them are strangers.
Well, maybe not fully strangers. She knew that he knows her name — if he hasn’t forgot it yet. And that’s all — for him. She knows almost every single thing about him. His birthday, hometown, habits, how he hates Daesung and T.O.P’s toys collection, how close he is with Taeyang, how much he protects Seungri, how hard he practices his raps, and also his progress in learning Japanese.

But again, the relation between them is just as two members of two different groups from the same company, and that’s all. They never get into a conversation, nor going out –except when the two groups were hanging out together.

Even when he passes by her at the YG building or around the dorm, she’ll be the one who greet him first. And she perfectly knows that he’ll need some minutes to completely remember her name then greet her back, but occasionally he’ll only smiles awkwardly without saying any single word. By that, she realized that he doesn’t remember her like she does.

And she knows that it’s impossible for him to have the same feeling with her.

But being a bit like stranger also has it own advantages. Because he never talk to her, she could spend her time looking at him without worrying for being caught — he pays no interest on her, remember?

In the end, that thing made her thought that she’s just pathetically liking someone from far away, can’t touch him, neither get him.

She likes — no, loves — him silently, without any single words flown away from her lips. She loves him, unknowingly, but completely. She loves him by herself, no one knows about it. And she’s already happy with it.

Well, some stories don’t have the happily-ever-after ending, and her story is one sample of those.

4 thoughts on “[Drabble] Silently Alone”

  1. *dies* YOU BROKE MY DARAGON OTP </3 well not actually otp lol but i find them cute.
    oh duh,
    i basically find every pairing with dara cute hahaha

    1. actually i ship daragon omgomgomg
      this otp is just like kyutoria, khuntoria or minyul *slapped
      aaaaah yes, dara is cute herself actually (i’m talking in my half fanboy side lol)

  2. lol you fan boy minded aren’t you
    you ship minyul? whoa this is new.
    i actually don’t ship it but well… i’ve to realize that minho is close to her(HECK THEY’RE LIKE STICK TOGETHER IN LA SM TOWN ’10 ENDING) so whatever, i have to used to her presence(?)
    KYUTORIA! lol i love them since they’re so cute… vic is so cute lol i actually ship changtoria too-__-
    i think i ship everything hetero.

    1. waiiiiittt i don’t ship minyul, i’m only mentioning some examples of the noona dongsaeng pairing =_=
      oh well… so everyone who goes well with kyuhyun will also fits changmin perfectly (like kyuyoung, kyutoria, changsoo and changtoria).
      mind to ship teuktoria? ._. and also ontoria. ah, don’t forget about khuntoria.
      heck, victoria goes on must of my favorite otp ==”

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