[Multi-Pairing Drabbles] The Life

Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: G
Character: Lee Jinki, Park Sunyoung/Luna, Kim Kibum, Amber J. Liu, Choi Minho, Jung Soojung/Krystal, Lee Taemin, Choi Jinri

multi pairinggg xD at first i only wanted to do minstal’s but in the end i did all of them, incredibly satisfied!!!! ah and sorry for the grammatical errors, and also for the misstypes here and there. since english is not my main language i don’t really know if i made mistakes~
Enjoy the story!

Minho/Krystal; Runaway
The two of them walked down the path. It’s nearly midnight and the streets are still busy, so they decided to walk on small paths between the buildings to go back home from their runaway –well, not-so-runaway, it’s only Minho who kidnapped Krystal from her practice tonight. And eventually he’d talked to both two leaders of the groups, so it’s okay for him to do so.
They went to an ice cream parlor (of course they bought some ice cream there) then walked around their management building, typical of a simple date an idol could have.
But being together with him is already enough for her, since time like this is rarely happens nowadays. Thanks to her hectic schedules and his group’s Japan debut that forced him to left Korea, left Seoul, and furthermore, left her.
Like now. He was just back from Osaka, and he looked really tired she could tell by only looking at his face. But he walked down the streets to her practice room (because he ran away from his dorm without any car with him) just to see her loved one right after he came home.

Taemin/Sulli; Coming Home
“I’M BAAAAAACCCKKK!” he sang as he wrapped his left arm around her shoulder, made her jolted for a second.
“Oh, you’re already here? I think you would be more than a month there.”
“It’s only for a day, and whooossh I’m here now!” said him with his childish accent.
“I see.” she gave no reaction, even no smile nor a ‘welcome home’ greeting.
“Ya, why are you like this?” said him, his voice turned deep and serious. She tilted her head.
“Like what? I’m normally normal, see?”
“Why don’t you say anything to me? Like ‘ah~ welcome back!’ or ‘i miss you!’ or something like that? Did you really not miss me? Have you forgot me and went out with another boy? Have you…”
She placed her fingers on his mouth to shut him up.
“I miss you.” said her, slowly took off his left hand from her shoulder and turned to him, then gave him a big bear-hug for some seconds. “And I didn’t go out with another boy, for God’s sake! If I do that, you might be comitted suicide right now!” she laughed as she let go of him. He hit her head softly then ruffled her hair.
“So… wanna go? Pancakes? You wanted that since a long time ago, right? My treat!”
She nodded and reached out for his hand, then they quickly walked until they disappeared from sight.

Key/Amber; Greeting
She stared at something –no, someone– out there who was waving his or her hand to her. That person seemed familiar to her, and she couldn’t help but walked down the corridor and approach that person.
“Ya! Short-haired!”
The only one who calls her like that is…
“What, half-shaved?” she called back, now she stood right in front of that diva-ish figure, tilting her head a bit because of their height difference.
“My hair is not half-shaved anymore! See this, Ms. Blonde?”
“Yeah I see… so what’s it now? I don’t have much time, half-shaved!” said her, remembered her next dance practice with Victoria to improve her steps that will start within five minutes more.
“I want to ask you if… if…”
“If what?” she asked, glancing at her wristwatch and realized that it’s already the time for her practice.
“Wanna go out with me?” he cut it short. “I know that you missed me since I went to Osaka yesterday, so…”
“Sorry, but I can’t. I have a practice with Vic eonni.” said her. “And I didn’t really miss you, well, maybe… just a bit.”
He sighed in desperate. “Please I beg you, I’ve ditched from my practice to meet you now! Why don’t you asked Vic nuna to change the day? Or time?”
“But I…” her phone rang. She stopped and took the small thing from her jacket’s pocket.
“Nugu?” asked him.
“Vic eonni. Her WGM recording is still ongoing and she changed the practice day to tomorrow.”
“Well, so now you have no reason to not go with me, right?” he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the exit door.
“Ah, eh? Wha, wait!”

Onew/Luna; Lollipop
It’s already late but her recording has not finished yet. Actually, it’s not only her, two people were still there, sitting on a chair near her. As long as she remember, they had finished recording, but they hadn’t left yet. She still don’t know why.
The recording studio’s door swang open and Krystal showed up. One of the boy there –of course, Minho– got up and went to Krystal. After had some chats with her, they said goodbye and left the building.
“Park Sunyoung, your turn.” said her manager-oppa. She clinched her fists, humming her parts for the last time, and went into the studio. The tail of her eyes caught that person’s figure, sitting peacefully like he’s waiting for something… or someone.
She tried to concentrate on the lyrics, on the melody and rhythm, and she succeeded. She finished the recording much faster than what she expected. After thanking the producers, she went out of the studio and started to pack her things.
“Sunyoung-a, I still have some work to do so I can’t get you home. Should I call the van now or do you want to wait?”
“I…” her words were cut when one person interupted.
“I’ll get her home, hyung.” said him. She turned and saw him approaching her and the manager.
“Jinki? Is it okay?” asked her manager. He nodded. The manager sighed and smiled a bit, then went into the studio again after thanked him.
She stood awkwardly with her bags. However, a guy take you home is like… he’s your boyfriend, right?
“Let’s go.” said him, either aware-or-not holding her hand with his hand. They walked in silence until they reached SHINee’s van and got in. Looks like Minho and Krystal walked home, since it’s already late and the streets are not so busy and the probability they would got caught is decreasing.
Suddenly he opened his backpack and took something from it.
“Here,” said him, handing something to her. A big, colorful lollipop?
“Sweet lollipop oh lollipop oh lollipop oh, you’re my lollipop oh lollipop oh lollipop oh~” he started to sang, and she couldn’t help but laugh.
“May I eat this?” asked her. He nodded. She started to unwrap the lollipop.
“This one is too big~” she sighed. “Wanna share?”
“No. ‘Cause I’ve got my own lollipop with me.” said him. “Neon naui lollipop. You’re my lollipop. You’re as sweet as lollipop, Park Sunyoung.”


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