[Drabble] I Do.

Title: I Do
Genre: err… what do you usually call this thing by… either romance or family. one of them, or both
Rating: G
Character: up-to-your-own-imagination

Been a long time since my last english fic, wow. sorry :p

He flicked his fingers, standing still in front of the altar with an awkward smile, trying to replace his nervousness with a relaxed image. But still, looks likes it’s his habit to take a sneak peak to the big and enormous wooden door straight in front of him, waiting for the thing to swung open…

In the next second, it did. Somehow he felt something in his stomach fluttered away. Now he couldn’t do anything anymore, nor trying to hide his nervous side, but only staring straight to the direction where the door was.

And seeing his loved one’s silhouette, there with her own, usual witty smile and her dad standing next to her, arms locked into each other. Watching her walking down the aisle inside this small chapel wearing that wedding dress they bought some months ago, every step she took made his heart beat faster and faster. He couldn’t take away his eyes from her –how frustrating is that?–
It feels like there’s only the two of them in the chapel. Count it three, there’s her dad too. And make it four, the pastor is also here. Err, wait, what about the choir?

And suddenly he stopped his monologue. She’s there, right in front of him, eyes met eyes. Her dad made a ‘come-here’ gesture to him and he walked with full anticipation towards the father and daughter.
“Starting from here, please take care of her.” her father whispered. He said nothing but nodded and took her hand and led her to the front of the pastor.

During the wedding ceremony, he did nothing except staring at his bride who listened to what the pastor said carefully. After took his vow –without any repetition– and the time for her to said it had come, he turned to her with eyes staring at her face.
“Do you promise to?” asked the pastor. She turned and faced him, a smile-full-of-happiness formed on her lips before she opened her mouth and answered it.

“I do…”


Uh… okay. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS -____- *super-fail!!!!!*
Since I have no idea ’bout what should I do or what should I make or what should I write or another ‘what should…’ ‘what should…’ and ‘what should…’ questions. Suddenly this idea popped in my mind and I have no choice but write it right at the moment.
Sorry for the randomness TT^TT 

17 thoughts on “[Drabble] I Do.”

    1. bukannya pengen eonn =_= saeng mau bikin yang taera nyusul kyujoon, gak enak… *bingung mode: on* yaudah bikin ini aja :p wkwkwkwkwkw
      hmm? ini kan emang nyeritain gugupnya yang cowok kekekekeke XP

        1. emangnya eonni udah? *plak *menohok *kena tendang*
          tuh kan jelaaaaaaas 😛 wakakakakakaka
          bayangin dia pake tuxedo putih… atau beskap jawa?

        2. kalo di ff.. udah *plak!
          kalo yg nikah resmi, onnie pengen dia pake tanjak palembang #ngayal
          kalo yg nggak resmi, onnie mau nikah di belanda, di kebun tulip, deket kincir angin #ngayal parah#

        3. yeeee -____-
          *ngebayangin* *search gambar tanjak palembang* *brb ngakak*
          belanda? kebun tulip? kincir angin? bisa diatur… wani piro?

        4. wakakakaka, aigooooo~ kurang pake baju adat papua eonn~
          untuk fotografernya cukup tiket SHINee World Concert yang VVIP, sisanya belum diitung~ *kabur

        5. ng.. koteka? astargfirullah, puasa puasa puasaaaa X)
          ng.. *ngeliat dompet* *periksa atm* *siapin tali buat iket taemin* bolehbolehboleh, sisanya nego aja yaa sama Kyu XD

        6. yaolooooh siapa juga yang bilang pake koteka -_- aigooooo -_-
          EH? kenapa iket taemin? andwaeeeeeeeeeeeee *tarik taem* *sembunyiin di lemari*
          oke, mana kyu? *bawa kalkulator*

        7. cuma ide yg tiba” muncul saeng .__.
          taemin nakal, nggak nurut sama kakak(?) Kyu
          kyu lgi mandi, jangan diganggu duluu.. kamu nego sama naui seunghyun aja yaaa XD

    Kayaknye udah kebelet nikah aje ni anak :3

    Makanyaaa… #nggakjelas

    Aya: Taem! Kapan kawin? (sama Sungra, maksudnya)
    Taem: enaknya kapan ya?
    Aya: besok?
    Taem: hmmm, iya deh ^^
    Sungra: *megap-megap*

    1. H-HEEEEIIII -_____-
      ini ya, ini sambungannya aftor geotjjimal… ya gak tau sih nyambung dimananya *laaaaah?* tapi pokoknya habis bikin tuh afstor ntah kenapa saya langsung kepikiran bikin giniaaaaan ._______.

      sungra: M-MWO?! BESOK?!
      taemin: neee~ wae? ^^
      sungra: kenapa besooooook?
      taemin: lebih cepat lebih baik, kan?
      sungra: *pingsan

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