[Drabble] Imaginary

Title: Imaginary
Genre: Romance, angst
Rating: G
Character: Choi Minho, Jung Soojung/Krystal

She had never missed him as much as this time.

She knows that she has that mixed-up feeling, so as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she saw him right in front of her. She reached out her hand to give a single touch on him, but failed in the end. Her hand gaped on the wide air, gliding hopelessly up and down the emptiness, didn’t touch a thing or two, and finally she opened her eyes again just to see the emptiness right in front of her.

She inhaled air into her lungs helplessly. Missing someone had never been this though for her. She knows that it’s her feeling that made her felt like that. Uneasiness, loneliness, anything you could name it, that’s what she feels right now.

What she saw later was an imaginary version of him, but her feeling for him is really not an imaginary feeling. She really knows that she misses him… who doesn’t pay single attention on her. Who keeps on thinking that she’s no more than a hoobae to him. Who couldn’t sense what does she feel towards him.

As she took a glance at her phone, hoping for the LED indicator to blink purple –the color for him, but still, a hope is just a hope.


3 thoughts on “[Drabble] Imaginary”

  1. kasian bgtt sih jungiekuu U,U
    gak dianggep lebih dari sekedarr hoobae!
    minong nyebelinnn !!!!#digampar flamers 😀
    minstall !! :3

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