[Double-Drabble] Not to be Compared

Title: Not to be Compared
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: G
Character: Kim Kibum, Amber J. Liu

Everybody says that their souls are swapped one with another

In reality, sometimes she thinks like that too –when she looked at the mirror with him and compared the reflection of both his face and hers. She’s just that far-far away from the word ‘feminine’ –or too handsome, what people said–, and he’s… he’s just too much beautiful for a man, and yet, his fashion sense is super-great, yet for a man.

Sometimes she feels like she’s not the right girl for him. He could pick one from those bunch-of-pretty-and-cute-girls outta there, who’s lotsa more suitable for him, and she couldn’t lie to herself that she often feels uneasy because of that.

“Another day-dreaming session?” his voice cracked up her own monologue.
“I said no!”
“Up to you~ but I’ll always take it as a yes.”

He chuckled and she let a dry laugh out of her mouth, as he checked up on his phone once again. Looks like he’s reading something that she didn’t really want to know.
“Why people keep on comparing us? Saying that we’re swapped one another, that we was born in the wrong genders, that…”
She stayed still while he kept on talking and babbling about ‘something’ inside his phone’s screen. That’s what she keeps on thinking about, something that always gives one small ‘this-is-not-right’ feeling whenever she’s with him.

“Don’t they know that I love you because you’re different from another girl?”
“Yeah! We’re what we are right? Is it that wrong to be a masculine girl like you? Is it wrong for a man to be keen on fashion like me? We’re here not to be compared! Duh, I always hate it when they’re saying stuffs like this!” he slammed his phone on, fortunately, a fluffy pillow in front of him. “They just don’t know about how we looked off-the-camera! And you, you aren’t only handsome, but also very beautiful!”

As she felt butterflies fluttering inside her stomach or something-like-that, she gradually realized that this is just so right for both of them. It doesn’t matter what others said, the one that matters is what they know about each other.

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