[Flashfiction] Good-Bye.

was made for… erm, something. that narrative thing._. no description, just what was passing on my mind on that moment ._.v well I do sense (?) some grammatical errors, but has no time -and couldn’t even- fix those errors. sorry >/\<


It happened just in a blink of eye. That fast, right in front of myself who was too shocked to do something. Both of my legs were like glued on the pavement yard, couldn’t even move a centimeter from its place.

The LED of my phone keeps on blinking rapidly since then. Short messages, chats, direct messages, all flooded my phone everyday. Even worse they made the device lagged horrifyingly it scared me, made me turn my phone off for days later.

The messages, all of them, were all the same. Even when I decided to turn the device on, hoping that the rush had gone, I still see the same thing day to another day. Until that day come.

The condolences keeps on coming, made me feel worse.

And finally, right now, I stood up on a gate of nearby cemetery. Staring at a shiny, new, white marble gravestone, stained with twirly letters of golden ink on it.

There, my lover lies beneath the saddening sky, under bushes of flowers she loves -or used to loved- the most.

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