[Ficlet] Over the Raindrops

Title: Over the Raindrops
Genre: angst
Rating: G
Character: ._.

The rain started to pour even worse when he reached the bus stop near a shiny, luxurious cafe. His shirt was badly drenched in raindrops, as if he had running through the recently drizzling water from an hour ago. He cursed himself for not taking a jacket or an umbrella with him and also to ignore the weather forecast last night. Right now he wished he had gone with at least his parachute jacket; it would be a lot better then. If only he had known that it’s going to be like this.

Bits of icy water started to numb his fingertips. He winced as he felt a sharp pain when he tried to move his fingers –and suddenly he felt a sudden urge to warm himself or else he’d be frozen to death. Sounds ridiculously hyperbole, but that could be if the person we talked about was him.

The tail of his eyes caught a slight glimpse of a small take-away coffeeshop’s sign board, and he didn’t even hesitate to go there although he got his clothes drenched once more. What was inside his mind is how he could get warm in a moment. And he’s sure that if he didn’t feel that worse he wouldn’t even notice his life-saver shop.

He let out a deep sigh as his cold, slender fingers touched the carton cup filled with hot latte, steam still roaming above the brownish, slick surface. He then decided to stay a little bit longer there until he noticed someone who looked so familiar to him –and he knows that his eyes won’t lie to him.

He quickly moved his gaze away when that person looked at his way, maybe she felt that someone was staring at her.

He lost his mind in a one-second-momentum, couldn’t even get a hold on himself but suddenly his own self-conscious came like an electric shock, jolted furiously into his brain when he realized that that person wasn’t alone. His curiousity started to pile up as he stared at them, and suddenly the taller one grabbed the shorter’s hand. They walked with happiness beaming around them into the nearby luxurious cafe and the taller politely opened the door for the shorter person, shutting it right behind and now he couldn’t take a look at them again.

His heart sank at the very moment the taller touched the shorter’s hand. Or you could say when the boy took the girl’s hand with his own hand. No matter it is, he still felt that his heart was being throwed away… for the uncounted time.

He closed his eyes, suddenly felt a heavy despair inside his mind. He wished he had told her those untold feelings that time. If he had told her before, the story will all be different… and he laughed shakily at his mind’s imagination. His one-to-blame mind’s happily ever-after thoughts.

It hits him sharply –those feelings.

2 thoughts on “[Ficlet] Over the Raindrops”

  1. cocok banget onyu maen(?) di ff galau kayak gini, aalagi jadi yang frustasi *plak! *ampuni aku tetangga tanggal
    onnie ngebayangin juga loh, yang frustasi chanyeol, yang ceweknya raena, yang cowoknya kyun :3

    1. Iyaaaaaaaah *puk onyu* habisnya dia muka pahpoh gitu, enak dijadiin apa aja, mau digalauin kek, dibikin aneh kek~ XD *ampuni aku abang pertama*
      ckckck –” kenapa gak yang frustasi kai terus itu rae sama yeol? Ha? Ha! *tos sama baek *lah

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