[Ficlet] Tweet-Birthday

Title: Tweet-Birthday
Genre: G
Rating: friendship
Character: Amber J. Liu, Kim Kibum

“Kibomi! Look! I’ve got myself this thing’s account!”

He looked up to see her holding her cellphone right in front of him, almost scrunched his nose with the screen of the thing. “What?” he asked nonchalantly, lazily slumped down onto the floor and closed his eyes. She followed by, placing her own self beside him. “See? This! Twitter!”


“Twitter! Should I spell it for you, huh? T-W-I-double T-E-R! Like what that skehehdanfdldi-hyung or Jjong-hyung of yours has!”

“Mm? Great. Congrats.” he said, still with the hazy eyes. She growled and kicked the boy’s legs lightly, made him winched for a second to the surprise. “Ya! What else?!”

“Why don’t you make one? It’s fun, you know? We could follow each other, mention each other, see what the fans’ said about us, and—”

“Just shut up won’t you.” he turned his body to the other side, now his back is facing her. “I’m not interested. No need to do so, too. Just don’t ask me anything, got it?”

She furrowed her eyebrows and pouted. “Such an oldie.” she grumbled as she marched out of the room, leaving him alone.


“The heck is this? Happy Llama Day?”

She nodded with a childish look on her face. “Yeah~ Happy Llama Day~ the fans made this thing became the worldwide trending topic, don’t you know?”

“I’m not into this circle of social living, for your information.” he gave back the phone to her. “Not interested. No other question.”

“Still the same. Such a lame person.” she said with a mocking face, eyes roaming around the display of her phone’s screen. “Just see how much affections and attentions they gave to me! Oh my eyes are teary right now…” and he quickly got a pack of tissue out of nowhere, handing it to her.

“You’ve got much fans, right?”


“I know that feeling –the feel of having other people who cares about us. Even though we don’t really know them, to have them who supports us… isn’t it just… touching?”


“Say something to them. Do some fan-service, fool.”

“I’m doing it right now, bastard!”


“Happy Llama Day. Just be the sloth you’ve always been, okay? Don’t change, don’t get too close to that mochi and duizhang, and…”

“Wait. I don’t do that, Mr. Kim.”

“Yes you do. Yes, you, do.”

“When? Where? How?”

Mochi, go bowling without asking me. That duizhang… I don’t really know but… ah! SMTOWN!”

“That’s just an act, foolish Kibomi. An. Act. Professional act. Don’t you know about that?”

“I know, but…”

“My first kiss went a little like this~”

“That’s different!”


#HappyLlamaDay, everyone! *dancing to Gangnam Style*

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