[Ficlet] Two Moons – See the Light

Title: Two Moons
Genre: … supernatural?
Rating: G
Character: … find it by yourself ._. or see tags .___.

Under the darkly-shaded moon he said, “So the two moons had born.”

My body was shivering and my spine felt ticklish. Pain started to grow –but where?

He added, “The 12 signs of zodiac had reborn –in the form of human.”

Like I care, I said to myself. Winching because of the pain which suddenly grew stronger.

“One of them… is you.”

Now the pain turned to a burning sensation. Heating up. A white light suddenly flashed through my brain. White, black. White, black. I tried to stop it but it failed –the attempt. Closing my eyes won’t do. Nothing changed.

Suddenly there’s smell of burnt cardboard. Hitting my nostrils, forced my reflex nerves to open my eyelids…

To see him wavering his hand above a stack of cardboard. Controlling the fire which was burning the brownish thingy, blazing bright orange. A perfect orange fire. He pointed at the boards and another spot he was pointing to started to flame in the next second. I stared at him in -both- confusion and horror. This is impossible. I’m just dreaming. I’ve never met him, I’m not one of that zodiac-and-moon thingy he said. I’d woke up in a second and came back to my normal life.

“C’mon, I’m the same as you. No need to be scared at all.” he clicked his fingers and suddenly the fire vanished in a flash. Heck, that’s sick.

I stood there, stiff as statue. Frozen. Petrified. Terrified. Scared.

My limbs were numb as hell.

He started to approach me, step-by-step, meter-by-meter. “Let’s see what kind of power do you have. Which element in this world you could control. Here–”

That slender fingers whose reached for me was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. “No! Stop! Don’t touch me!” I shrieked.

Then it happened in a millisecond.

A white ray of light –the same with the one in my mind– came out from my hand. I felt big pressure and heat under my palms, scary as hell –this is not me. I couldn’t do this. This is not a real life! Could somebody get me out of here?!

And suddenly it stopped. I fell down to the earth head over heels –literally. Stared at my hands to see nothing wrong there. Then… then what was that? What kind of thing did I do?

A pair of black sneakers stopped in front of my face. I looked up to see him. Again. The nightmare just gone real.

“If it wasn’t me, your power might kill your victim, so watch out.” he said as he stretched a hand as a help. I grabbed his hand and was pulled up until I could stood up, still limp, My head felt like it’s roasted over burning charcoal –it hurts. It burns.

“Welcome to the club, man. No more denial. You’re you –the reborn of one of the zodiac, Mr. Byun Baekhyun.”


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