[Drabble] Out of the Net (Oh, the First Impression)

Out of the Net (Oh, the First Impression)
Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jonghee (girl!Jongin) (EXO); fluff; G; 1041 words

They’re out of the chats and off to the real deal.


She sighs.

And sighs again for the umpteenth time.

As she clasps her hands around the rim of the cup in front of her, watching a stream of steam slowly wavering out of the latte’s surface, her mind wanders to another place, to the dimension of what-ifs. Seeing the darkening cloud out there, what if rain starts pouring down soon. What if she accidentally left her umbrella home, now that she hasn’t checked her purse yet. What if she comes home drenched in rain? What if her latte cools down before the person she has been waiting for hasn’t come and it’s undrinkable anymore? What if said person doesn’t come at all?

Now the what-ifs are replaced by train of suggestions. Should she be mad at that person, or should she say that it’s okay, she understands whatever that person’s reason is, and maybe adding ‘as long as you’re on time and actually shows up when we meet again, it’ll be okay‘?

But it’ll sound like she’d like to have another meet-up, when in reality she isn’t sure about that at all. Oh, come on. While first impression is everything needed to keep your reputation up, that person clearly, oh so clearly had broke it down by being late, and she only needs another small reason to finally let her patience die. Then she’ll wrap things up and say this person isn’t suitable for her. Forget those chats on online dating sites she regularly take screen captures of (well, she has her reasons, okay.), forget those pickup lines she had secretly adores, forget those snapshots of a man, a handsome one with short, black hair and adorable wide eyes, whom is her so-called date today. Face isn’t everything. Attitude is. According to her, at least.

(Also forget those ‘you’re cute’ compliments she got when she sent her photos to the man, just erase that completely.)

She peers at her watch–thirty minutes already. She’s really tired, her latte has turned lukewarm (and preferably undrinkable according to her taste buds), everything is pretty much upsetting as a small poke can fume her into an explosion of anger.

Unconsciously, she checks her clothes, her shoes, her looks. Never has she felt this self-conscious, but then she remembers what her potential-date said about how sky blue complements her eyes well. How she should let her hair flow down until it reaches her back and not to tie, braid, or keep it in a bun. How she ends up dressing like how he said will suit her best—white with the faintest hint of blue summer dress, white hand-knitted cardigan, mid-back-length hair and all.

Well, she dresses up like this not for nothing, okay. So, Screw it, fifteen minutes more then I’ll go home, she says to herself, not wanting to make her effort to at least looks less like a boy and more feminine wasted.


She lifts her head upon hearing her name being called. Now stands in front of her a boy–young man, whose feature includes wide eyes and flushed cheeks. She hesitates for a while before calling out, “Kyungsoo?”

The man–Kyungsoo, smiles sheepishly as he sits down in front of her. His smile still settles on his lips even after the waitress left with his order and after he insisted to buy Jonghee another cup of latte plus a plate of chocolate cake because I’m late and nobody drinks cold lattes and also you said that you like chocolate cake, no?. Jonghee never met someone who thinks lukewarm lattes are the same with cold lattes, which is just like her, so she finds it difficult to not reciprocate Kyungsoo’s smile after that.

“I’m sorry, work kills,” Kyungsoo says after they’re basked in awkward silence for five minutes. “I didn’t mean to be late. I mean–well, nobody should be late at times like this. On first dates.”

“So you’re allowed to be late on second, third, and the following dates?” Jonghee challenges, smirk ghosting on her lips’ corner when Kyungsoo goes flabbergasted upon hearing her words.

“No, not like that! Nobody should be late on any important meetings. Dates included. Or anything equivalent,” Kyungsoo mutters, eyes fleeting uncertainly from Jonghee’s face to the a bouquet of red roses on the table beside them where there’s a man and woman smiling at each other and chatting animatedly, just like them. Well, minus the chatting animatedly part, of course.

“Wow, red roses. That bouquet must be expensive,” Jonghee chirps, apparently she’s staring that way, too. Kyungsoo quickly turns his head to face her, “Do you like roses?”

“Nope. Carnations. But getting roses feels nice, too. Seems like,”

“You’ve never gotten any?” Jonghee can hear disbelief laced inside Kyungsoo’s words, and she nods. “Nope. Never been given flowers or chocolates, never have a boyfriend, never go on a date.”

“So, I’m, like, your first date?”

Jonghee nods.

Kyungsoo’s smile was so blinding Jonghee has to look away for a while in order not to let blush floods her face.


“Once again, I’m sorry for the earlier,” Kyungsoo rubs the back of his neck, eyes trained to the ground as Jonghee fumbles with her apartment’s key. She shakes her head, exhaling loudly when finally the lock decides to cooperate with her, “No biggie. As long as you’re on time and actually shows up when we meet again, it’ll be okay.”

Then she realizes that that was the sentence she’d thought of when she was waiting for him at the cafe. So…

“Does–does that mean,” Kyungsoo stutters, “There will be another time? Like, another date–no, drink coffee together at cafes?”

“Only if you want to, maybe,” face heating, Jonghee tries to avert her eyes from Kyungsoo’s face. She misses the glint of excitement and pure happiness on the man’s eyes, of course.

“With a bouquet of red roses and carnations?” amusement is clear in his voice. Jonghee curses silently in her mind, “M-maybe, if you don’t mind…”

She tries not to squeal when Kyungsoo, who’s just a centimeter or two taller than her even though she wears flats and he clearly has shoelifts inside his shoes, bents down a bit to kiss her right cheek before he bid his final goodbye.


note: girl!Jongin doesn’t hurt, no. haha. /evil laughs/ /vanishes/


6 thoughts on “[Drabble] Out of the Net (Oh, the First Impression)”

      1. NEECHAN. YOU’RE

        /cheers/ but why are you up this morning? just… to comment on this? i kinda feel honored… /slapped/
        entah. kasihan kyungsoo xD so she'll be like 168-170 cm. se-ais. still (very) tall, though. /staring at the lilliput-me/

  1. NOOOOOO! GA bisa! Jongin sayang, kamu udah cukup dinistain dan sekarang dijadiin cewe?! Mana authornya sini, biar mama pukul! Hehe, enggak ding kak, becanda aja.
    Ini ceritanya unyu banget! Tapi aku masih enggak bisa sama girl!Jongin karena Jongin nggak cukup ‘cantik’ buat jadi cewe di mata aku. Tapi okelah, untuk yang ini aku bisa terima.
    And, lovely Kyungsoo is always lovely Kyungsoo! /cium/

    1. Bahahaha ampuni sayaaaaa~ iya sih, Kyungsoo masih beribu kali lipat lebih cantik kalau jadi cewek (Kyungsoon/Kyungjoo xD). Tapi akhir-akhir ini aku banyak lihat uke!Jongin di tumblr, jadi kepikiran kenapa gak sekalian girl!Jongin aja, hehe :3
      (sesekali ganti role juga, sih, sebenarnya.)
      ofc. Kyungsoo. Squishy as always.
      thanks for reading~ ❤

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