[Drabble] Stalemate

no character; this is kind of random and i can’t find a genre suiting it; G; 627 words

Texting someone is a state-of-art business; how you tie up words so that it can deliver anything you want to deliver without additional underlying meanings.

Hello, you.

He stares at his phone, eyes boring hole on the poor thing’s screen; re-reading the words he’d wrote for the nth time already. They’re just two simple words, really, but he feels like it’s not enough while also too much in one time.

So he lets his fingers work,

‘It’s been a long time since we had a proper talk, the long chit-chats with laughter exchanged and playful nudges reciprocated.It’s long before that we sat together at the park, waiting for our friends, just the two of us.

I was playing with my tablet, you were busy with your books. I wondered whether you really read them or just flipped the pages to act like you actually read so that you have the reason to ignore me, but damn I was too afraid to ask. It’s an embarrassing one and secondly, what would you think if I asked such silly question?

He stops, eyes glancing upwards and downwards the length of the illuminating screen.

Do you feel weird when you’re reading this text? Don’t be. It’s not like I expect you to remember anything regarding this message–most of them are indeed things which actually happened between us, but it’s laced with exaggeration done by me. You might not remember the exchanged laughter or long chit-chats, but you will certainly remember those playful nudges; you’re the person who started them anyway. And we’ve sat countless time by the park, either just the two of us or with another people–so I’d like to expect you not to remember any because there’s nothing so significant to differentiate between those seemingly same thing, no?


He sighs, suddenly stops his fingers from keying in more letters into the message. He stares blankly at his phone again, digesting letters which form words which form sentences which form the text itself. He feels like some words are biting him fiercely with -surprisingly- sharp ink-blotched canines–no, not some words. It’s all of them which mock him from every direction–embarrassment which suddenly washes over himjust like a taunting darkness in which he drowns himself onto.

No. The message isn’t supposed to be like this. This is… just… absurdity, he thought to himself. He can’t stand imagining the other party’s reaction when they read his message. Will they be freaked out?

It’s better if you ignore this message,

He stops midway.

It’s better if you ignore this message, or, far better, if you delete it without reading the message at all.

He taps the backspace key fiercely before keying in some more words in a hurried manner. This is poor stupidity, he said to himself, losing count of how much he had said that.

It’ll be way better though if this message isn’t being written on the very first place.

All part of the text’s highlighted before he pressed the backspace key one more time with a sense of finality which suddenly rushes into his mind, eyes meeting the blank page of messaging menu and typing cursor blinking at him in rhythm. He inhales a deep breath, now, now, he coos to himself, be a grown-up and type the right thing.

But it seems like he’s at the deepest pit of loss-of-words situation; he can’t think about anything to key in. All he can muster up in his mind is a quick, hurried, Heard you were sick today. Are you okay? Have you eaten? Get some rest and… get well real soon, maybe. Haha.

He grimaces. Gosh, it’s way terrible than the first one.

Why does it have to be this difficult just to text one person?


Hello. it’s me, and it’s yet another curcol-related thingy. Yep. This has been a public service announcement from me, thank you very much.


5 thoughts on “[Drabble] Stalemate”

  1. actually, i wanna read this first before countinue my fanfic, but i wanna take some break first :3 hehe
    so i’ll see your blog again later :3
    and can i like first unn? kkk~

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