[Drabble] Shards of You

Shards of You
Broken!Jongin/Kyungsoo; angst; G; 300 words
note: angsty and bromance and dumb, woot woot, nothing new. what do you expect anyway.

you’ve read the books, you’ve watched the show,
what’s the best way? no one knows.

When they stopped seeing each other, Jongin thought he’ll be alright, that he can stand by himself without Kyungsoo watching him from his side, without the person who silently supports the younger boy like a column prevailing the roof from crumbling down.

When Kyungsoo said he’s got enough, Jongin didn’t say anything. He stayed silent as Kyungsoo rambled about the fact that Jongin’s the one who finally, finally lost the spark first, that Kyungsoo wasn’t bright enough to ignite him up like he had always does and how this won’t work, how this relationship will be as hollow as the cardboard boxes scattered around their flat when Kyungsoo packed his things up before moving out of now-Jongin’s flat.

But, unfortunately, the small man is still tucked safely in Jongin’s heart.

Jongin keeps his mouth shut and smiles a small smile when he meets Kyungsoo again on the sixth month after their separation. The older boy has his hand held by another boy the same height as him, shorter than Jongin, but with a smile way brighter than the tanned boy–like Jongin ever smile when Kyungsoo’s not around.

They said hi, exchanged pleasantries and short stories before Kyungsoo and the boy bids goodbye. Jongin wonders whether Kyungsoo feels as awkward as him on the fact that they eventually ran onto each other, but he’s almost sure it’s negative because there was no sign of troubled feeling on Kyungsoo’s face. He looks happy–he shines, almost literally, brilliant and vivid and Jongin has never seen him in such uttermost felicity. He doesn’t know whether it’s the other boy’s smile which brought back the light Kyungsoo had lost or it’s simply because he’s happy he doesn’t have to look after this whiny and gloomy boy he used to call love.

Jongin hates both probabilities.


end note: pretty much inspired by The Script’s Six Degrees of Separation. awesome thing indeed.

2 thoughts on “[Drabble] Shards of You”

  1. But, unfortunately, the small man is still tucked safely in Jongin’s heart.
    Huhuhu, kenapa ini tulisan keluar menjelang UAS?
    Sosiologi sialan.
    Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu T_T

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