[Drabble] Coronary Arteries

Coronary Arteries
Do Kyungsoo, OC; slice of life (and it’s so freakin’ random); G; 312 words

I don’t even know anymore.

Sebelum bunyi ponsel yang bergetar di permukaan meja terdengar hingga ke pojok ruangan, Kyungsoo segera mengevakuasi ponselnya dari atas buku catatan.

10:16 Stellate

With all due respect,
I’m sorry to inform you that we had to reschedule our study session, as some underclassmen had just asked me to help them with reviews. I hope you won’t mind. Another time, another place? Preferably with good coffee. My treat.
P.S. please spare me, Lord Soo.

Sekilas melirik ke dosen yang masih sibuk menjelaskan di depan kelas, Kyungsoo mengetikkan pesan balasan. Yah, baiklah.

10:17 Aneurysm
Yeah, yeah. Have fun with those cells.

10:17 Aneurysm
I hope those freshmen spare you some mercy, then, as they can be kinda handful. First-hand experience speaking here. 

10:18 Aneurysm
Had to explain the coronary arteries for, like, at least ninety-something times.

10:19 Stellate

10:19 Stellate
Well to tell the truth they’re ~actually~ hard to understand?????


10:20 Aneurysm
No, really.

10:21 Aneurysm
You just need to remember each branch’s branches and its course? It’s easy once you could imagine the whole organ in your head.

10:21 Aneurysm
Aneurysm sent a photo


10:21 Stellate

10:21 Stellate
The blessing of strong long-term memory isn’t given to everyone, jsyk.

10:22 Stellate

10:22 Aneurysm
Says the one who passed the test for lab assistant and only needed a day to learn and memorize the whole book of abstract-and-similar-looking cells.

Junmyeon menyenggol bahunya pelan. Kyungsoo mendongak. Junmyeon, dengan dagunya yang tajam (dasar, ia tak perlu menyombongkan V-line-nya seperti itu), menunjuk ke depan. Kyungsoo mengikuti isyarat Junmyeon dan mendapati sang dosen yang (masih) mengajar, namun sesekali mengawasinya. Sial.

10:22 Aneurysm
Shit, the professor’s looking at my direction.

10:22 Aneurysm
Talk to you later. Preferably at lunch. Don’t miss me. Bye. Focus on your classes.

10:23 Stellate

10:23 Stellate

10:23 Stellate
Yes, mom.

10:23 Stellate
Though I don’t have class rn.

10:24 Stellate
Ttyl, not missing you at all.


note: stellate is a type of cell. aneurysm is a condition. i’m being lazy right now.



7 thoughts on “[Drabble] Coronary Arteries”

  1. stellate cell? aku lupa, di otak bukan T.T sial aku bener2 lupa. aneurisma… oke lah. gilak kuat banget ngafal cabang arteri koronaria, kyung sugoi….
    anyway salam kenal ra, aku liana ^^
    ditunggu comebacknya ^^

    1. di AU ini si kyungsoo asisten anatomi, kudu kuat hapalannya. huahahahahahaha. stellate cells di mana-mana sih (ya itu juga bentuk neuron sebenarnya hiks), tapi di sini aku refer ke stellate cells di hepar, yang bikin fibrosis. salam kenal jugaa 🙂

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