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twentysomething. writes nonsense and rants over simple things. banana milk. beef bacon. saucer eyes. gagap medical terminology. sok sibuk jadi jarang menulis (lagi).

[Drabble] Dawn Treading

Dawn Treading
characters undisclosed; teeth-rotting fluff; G (is cuddling PG?); 741 words
a repost from AO3.

She wakes up when the sky was still dark, the tuft of black hair splayed on the pillow beside hers unmoving, and the early morning silence mixing with the soft snores escaping from his lips.

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[WIP] Orange is the Warmest Colour (on You) [#1]

Orange is the Warmest Colour (on You)
unnamed characters (i might reveal it one day. one day.); fluffy shit w/ hints of drama; G; NO WORD COUNT HERE SHOO.
note: it’s gonna be an installment of WIPs so beware. the actual note is down there. friendly warning for grammatical mistakes and the inconsistent tenses and the cheesy plot and yeah bye.

there’s a first for everything.

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