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[Drabble] A Scintilla of Hope

A Scintilla of Hope
Do Kyungsoo (EXO), unnamed OC (ACTUALLY IT’S DIASA & ((((ex))))BOYFIE); super-light angst like seriously it stings just a little bit; G; 159 words

it comes and it goes.

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[Ficlet] Crescents

Byun Baekhyun, side!Do Kyungsoo (EXO), OC; angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, romance; PG-13; 1779 words

might as well say i’m a masochist who doesn’t know when and how to stop.

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[One-Shot] Lacrimosa

clouds eren_jaeger grass meola shingeki_no_kyojin water hd wallpaper attack on titan shingekin no kyojin []credit

Wu Yifan (EXO), OC, some people (ha.); angst, hurt/comfort, tragedy…?; PG-13 (blood! character death! only a little bit, though); 3552 words
note: a continuation of this. Shingeki no Kyojin!AU. it’s better if either you read the note on the end of the story (though it might not help. at all.) or read the trivia on the net first before proceeding, if you’re not familiar with the AU. and yes, the basics are good enough. i’m not talking about the type of titans here, so.

You’re running out of time.

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[Drabble] Unquenchable

image taken from exofanbase’s tweet.

Lu Han, Sehun, slight slight slight appearance of Baekhyun (EXO); angst; G; 762 words
note: so i was just. randomly scrolling down my timeline when this image popped out of nowhere (not really), and the words somehow made my hands itch to write this crap out. crappy grammar (english isn’t my mother tongue to be exact) and even crappier plot.

things had never been this bad for lu han.

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[Indonesian-Translated] Anterograde Tomorrow (Part Three: Tomorrow)

Title: Anterograde Tomorrow (Part Three: Tomorrow)
Author: changdictator
Translator: leesungra
Pairing: kaisoo, broken!lukai
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, slight!angst
Length: three-shot (3/3)
Summary: Kyungsoo tertahan dalam jam sementara Jongin terus-menerus memohon agar detik-detik waktu tak lekas berlalu, karena waktu terhenti bagi mereka yang tak bisa mengingat dan melarikan diri dari mereka yang tak bisa tertinggal kereta terakhir menuju rumah.

Translator’s Note: i wonder if anyone is still waiting for this version of translation because there are people out there who had translated this story, too (and they did better than me). but still, for those who had bear with this thing until the very end, i thank you so-very-much. this is my first translation work and i hope it doesn’t disappoint you that much.

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