At the Backstage (Taemin/Sulli)
Freezing Touches (Suho/Xiumin)
I Do
I Woke Up Wanting to Kiss You (Sehun/Suho)
Imaginary (Minho/Krystal)
Let’s Go to the Park, Hyung! (2min)
Loving You From Afar
Member-Bender (Kris/Suho)
Multi-Pairing Drabbles: Super Generation
Name, Name and Name (Jino/Sulli)
Not to be Compared (Key/Amber)
Silently Alone
Shall We Spend Some Quality Time Together? (sibling!Kai/D.O)
Shattered (broken Onew/Luna, Ryeowook/Luna)
Multi Pairing Drabbles: The Life (f(SHINee)
Un-Requited (broken Minho/Yuri)
Yes, It’s You (Minho/Krystal)


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