sorted according to posting date, newer to older.

Starlight, Star Bright (bff!Baekhyun/Sungra)
Not Now (Baekhyun/Sungra)
May I? (broken Taemin/Raena, half-broken Taemin/Sungra)
Could it be Worse? (Taemin/Sungra)
Another Nikki and Audrey (Nikki/Audrey)
The Life, Continued (Taemin/Sungra)
The Real Relationship is….. d(=.=)b (ChoiHyunjoon’s) (Taemin/Sungra + other 2-5 pairings)
The Great Southern Kingdom (Nikki/Audrey)
Aiden & Audrey ~Prologue of the Great Southern Kingdom~ (Aiden/Audrey –family-)
Waiting Times (Taemin/Sungra)
사랑의 (Love’s Way) (Taemin/Sungra)
Welcoming! (Cho’s family, Lee’s family)
[ChaeSung] Look at Me… Please… (Sungmin/Chaekyo)
Truths (broken Seunghyun/Raena, Jongwoon/Raena
Deciding the Decision (broken Seunghyun/Raena, Jongwoon/Raena)
Baby, I’m Your Romeo (Taemin/Sungra)
Not Again -_- (Taemin/Sungra)
Chukhahae! (Kyuhyun/Hyunjoon, Taemin/Sungra)
Past (broken Kyuhyun/Raena, Seunghyun/Raena, Kyuhyun/Hyunjoon)
‘Oppa’? (Taemin/Sungra)
One Day as… Babysitters? (Taemin/Sungra)
Not so Childhood Friends Anymore (Taemin/Sungra)
One Day After (Taemin/Sungra)
Flu~ (Taemin/Sungra)
Such a Day?
2 and a Half (broken Taemin/Sungra, Taemin/Sulli)
Couple (Kyuhyun/Hyunjoon)
I’m Sick (Kyuhyun/Hyunjoon)
Bus Accident (Kyuhyun/Hyunjoon)
When the Time Flies By (SHINee members)


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