not poster. mostly typography or layouts. i’m superbly terrible on photoshop and what i could do is just playing around –yeah, playing– with adobe illustrator. and here are some :3

this one, this not-so-typography quote is the first one i made. the quote was taken from U-KISS’s song, Someday, two sentences from a song that has meaningful words in it XD

the second thing i made. a full-length lyric of one of my most favorite songs, SHINee’s Romeo + Juliette :3

then, this, is the third one. still from the same song, but i only took some words from it. the translation :3

fourth! at first i only did the purple one, but then tried to change the background and decided to take 3 of them as the final results. i love the white one actually :3

now the fifth one. as you can see, the background is from SHINee’ s song -Better. and the words with pitch black and bigger font is Onew’s part on the very end of the song. :3

noooow the latest thing i did! you could say that this is Taemin’s quote kkkkk. taken from his part on romeo + juliette (well that’s my favorite song anyway), the part i love the most~ :3

newest one! a concept of sticker i made with my friend, from a doodle on my notebook :3 fully hand-written. words done by me, the heart and monster (it’s originally domo-kun :3) made by my friend 😀 colored and un-colored one. loveeeee :3

LEE TAE-MIN! originally I decided to draw jonghyun :)) but it went and turned out to be like this when I drew the face and hair… not that bad anyway :3 anw do you recognize that the clothes are jonghyun’s?

latest work! no need to describe -otherwise you’re a foreigner and are not an indonesian-, kekeke :B

i always do something randomly, including this banner. the size is designated to be 1mx4m (yeah, i think it’s not a really wise choice of size). the left side was the one i did first, and even though i only have to re-placing those vectors, i’m still lazy to do so sooooo~ further to the right, it goes more… yeah you could see by yourself-_-


another open recruitment poster ._. special appearance from EXO-M, Kris, Luhan, Sehun, and Chanyeol :3


7 thoughts on “artworks”

  1. hhhhaii *sok kenal XD
    kamu admin di EXO Fanfiction, bukan? kalo bukan berarti aku salah .__.
    eh ehh… aneh tau ga, aku penasaran sama kamu karena gravatarmu XD XD XDD aku ijin nyomot gambaranmu itu yahh hhhhahaahhhh XD kalo ga boleh gpp sihh .__.

    ohyaaa…salam kenal aku Raditri ato Tamara :3
    eummmm~ aku boleh minta folbeknya, soalnya aku baru di dunia wp .__. one again, salam kenal yahh~ :3

    1. hai ^^ iya, aku admin EXOFF tapi suka muncul suka hilang /ditampar/
      HAH BUAT APA. gapapa sih tapi itu kan—ya gimana itu nggak sebagus fanart-fanart bikinan orang lain haha </3
      salam kenal~ alamat wordpressnya apa? 🙂

  2. hai kak… /sokkenal/ uwoh kakak dari teladan toh? tadi lagi tiba-tiba mampir dan penasaran liat artworks terus liat teladan itu.. ahaha salam kenal kak ^^

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