prompts galore

prompt (n) a cue given to a performer (usually the beginning of the next line to be spoken)

so if you ask me to explain the meaning of prompt from my point-of-view, i’ll take it as a cue, or an idea, you can give to someone for them to start doing something. and as a(n uncertified) writer, it’s considered as plots, or ideas, or quotes, or simply images you can send to an author which later would be written into stories by him/her.

(i hope this crappy explanation won’t confuse you.)

herein you may leave prompts/ideas you want me to write on the comment box (like there’s somebody who wants me to do so…). you may post as anon, too. (but then i can’t notify you if the story’s finished, well, that’s still up to your decision.). and of course your prompt will be credited!

i accept any pairing, either het/non-het/gender-bender (fem!kyungsoo xkjdfgieusnik.); can be done in both indonesian/english (english ones will be cross-posted to lj); will gladly work on any genre except mpreg and anything smut-ish. (i’ll try doing something with character death. i’ll try.); the maximal rating is PG-17 (so no nsfw things, guys. sorry.).

i will do anything i can do but i can’t promise to do them all. thanks for understanding. 🙂 your prompts are very anticipated! 😀


16 thoughts on “prompts galore”

  1. I have never known what is prompt. And yah, many people love livejournal these day. It has many great authors and fics. Um, just ignore this part. Actually I just want to say, I saw your name in bubblememory, clicked on your name, and I found this pretty blog of yours.
    I want to request a fic. Give me just a short oneshot, again short, the shortest fics you can write. I accept any pairing, but I’m not a (b)romance lover (I still read (b)romance, but, yah, it’s eww, I can’t believe it, I cried when I read Anterograde Tomorrow), so I’ll fell so thankful if you make girl and boy in a pair. I want the fic feels so deep, heavy, dark, but also light, fluffy in the same time (I can’t believe that I wrote ‘fluffy’, it’s not my thing).
    And, thank you very much if you want to filling this request. It’s your choice to write the fic down to Indonesian/English.
    Happy writing~

    1. omg first prompt ;~; /squishes you in a big bear hug/ and the prompt is soooo exciting!

      aye aye captain! i’ll write a het!someone/someone (would you mind if it’s OC?). give me some time, alright? (it might be longer than what you expected because i tend to procrastinate. that’s just something running inside my blood, so i can’t really help it.). i’ll try to write it as fast as i can. 😀
      should i contact you when it’s finished? 🙂
      aaaaaaand lastly,

  2. Hello! I also want to give request laa 😉

    well, I think I’ve mentioned this before but I do love dark themes for fanfic, and my favorite genres are angst, psychology, horror, thriller, suspense, dark romance–did I make you cringe? but I’m not that creepy, actually. well not as creepy as Chanyeol #dor

    as for the prompt! do you know the Mermaid Tales? well ofc you do lol. actually I want to read a fic inspired from a fairytale, preferably the Mermaid Tales (but with a little twist maybe? not the one with ‘all rainbows and sunshine’ feels because it’s too… plain). or if you don’t like the Mermaid Tales, you may pick another fairytale. it’s up to you. and, of course, I won’t give any deadline. I don’t mind waiting (except when it’s as long as EXO’s comeback-_-). you can write it in english or indonesian, I don’t mind both.

    If you decide to accept this prompt then I will be very grateful <333 and sorry for my bad english and also this long-ass comment. I hope this don't confuse you?

    1. you wrote bitter/angst and etc. combined with mermaid tales and it promptly reminds me to… baby don’t cry. ;;;;_____;;;;;
      okay! this is another interesting thing to be written. but… uh, it won’t be done in a short time… this lazy me is the responsible one. haha. AND NO YOUR ENGLISH ISN’T BAD AT ALL.
      please anticipate it! i promise the wait won’t be as long as the one between MAMA era and Wolf era. cheers 🙂


        Well, yes. Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to Baby Don’t Cry a little too much and now I’m addicted to that song. It’s bitter yet beautiful… and yeah, you got me. I do like bitter-angst thingy 😀

        Okay, I’ll wait. Just take your time ^-^


          um, um, so about the pairing… any request? maybe you’d like having who with whom or something like that._.

  3. Kyungsoo is so adorable, I wanna squish him omg ;_;

    pairing… as long as it’s straight, I don’t really mind… as long as it is EXO member x a girl. I don’t think yaoi suit my prompt. because, seriously, EXO as a mermaid. no way ew pmsl~

  4. Can I request one? Haha. /killed/

    Well, since it’s difficult to find BFF!Baekyeol (it’s so hard, really!) (and when I try to write one, it somehow become bromance. Why), I hope you can write that AU. It’s okay if you want to make it as angst or fluff (but I demand an angst-but-happy-ending). But, once again, it’s up to you. I don’t need a very-long fic, just one-shot. Can you?

    (sorry for bad English and grammar) (my teacher said that as long as people can understand what do you say, it’s not a big problem) (I hope you understand) (please ignore this).

    thank you…

  5. aku harus ngomong pake bahasa inggris juga nih? ga pernah pd sama grammarku loh saye………… inggris ke indonesia oke, kebalikannya? pft. he, okay. lemme give it a try.

    so, kak aufa, i want to give you a prompt for an exchange to what you had given to me MUAHAHAHAHA. it’s been a long time since i wanted to make a sci-fi/action/psychology oneshot. yes. science-fiction/action/psychology fanfic, specifically something like… you know, a life of an astronaut? I don’t mind any pairing, including bromance. it’s fine. for the cast…. it’s up to you too, i don’t mind anybody. and i know this is gonna be difficult, but i know you can make it beautifully as usual, so… fighting! i’m waiting, no rush. i’ll be here when you post it! anyway, sorry for my bad english. i know it’s a mess. i know. i know. i know. ;;;ww;;;;; last words, happy writing! ❤

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