Uni!AU Character Cheat Sheet

basically it’s just their rooming and their majors.


  • Yifan-Lu Han
  • Jongin-Junmyeon
  • Yixing-Minseok
  • Baekhyun-Kyungsoo
  • Zitao-Sehun
  • Chanyeol-Jongdae



  • Minseok: econ
  • Lu Han: med
  • Yifan: IT engineering
  • Yixing: med
  • Junmyeon: chem
  • Baekhyun: electrical engineering
  • Jongdae: music
  • Chanyeol: math
  • Kyungsoo: psychology
  • Zitao: architectural engineering
  • Jongin: performing arts
  • Sehun: english literature

idk if this will be useful, but well, i just want to get this out of my plot grave. haha.


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